The 3 Card Pull:
A very direct ‘here is the situation, here is what to do and here is what not to do’ spread; it brings clarity between two or more options. The 3 Card Pull is also very useful for a “not so pressing matter” or a quick curiosity fix. One situation, two pieces of advice, in three cards.

The Interactive “Situation and Desire” Spread:
We will use 1 card that represents your present situation, 1 card that illustrates your desire, and 3 cards to provide easy steps to get there. This spread is a real EYE OPENER to learn what steps to take to reach your heart’s desire!

The 16 Card LOVE Spread:
(Laura’s favorite spread!)
We utilize the Motherpeace Tarot’s Major Arcana first as an outline and fill the details later with ‘the gossipers’ (the Lesser Arcana cards). This spread will tell you exactly where you are emotionally and where you can find your potential pool of partners’ standing on the love game, including your intended partner or your current partner.

This is the spread that will guide you to a better outcome.
Come ready to dive down into your heart and come back up filled with self-love and power.

Married? Dating? Single? Divorced? Widowed?
It doesn’t matter, love is always in need of work!

(The 16 card spread can also be used for other questions, with any other decks. We will go with what feels right for you.)

The Pyramid Spread:
(Laura’s own spread creation.)
The foundation of the pyramid reveals all about past and present unresolved issues. The first floor of the pyramid is the MAIN floor or what will benefit from your undivided attention and what is to be released or worked on. The Top of the pyramid relays advice, course of action, and possible outcomes. Harness the energy of the pyramid!

The Birthday Special:
Another interactive reading, 12 months, 12 cards, 12 advice recommendations. Keep it or change it, YOU are the director, main character and editor of the movie of your life!

The Celtic Cross:
Let us learn about you, your past, your future, your foundation, your perception and your surroundings. What is within the wheel of your life, and what is on the road ahead?

Do you like the outcome?
Keep it or change it, that is why the information is here, it is for you to decide!

Oracle Play!
If a full reading is not enough and you want more or you just want a fun reading, pull an oracle card.

Pull an oracle card, let’s see what your direct message is for today. (Choose from any of Laura’s collection of oracle decks.)