With her unique approach to Tarot readings, Laura will help you see what you need to know. Her individual consultations are refreshing, realistic, compassionate and positive, yet entertaining and unconventional in their format. Her readings are designed to provide advice and guidance from a spiritual perspective. She will walk you through the process to understand the purpose of issues (large and small) in your life. She has helped those who seek her advice to move forward through life’s sometimes difficult challenges and to comprehend at a deeper level their life’s journey.

Ask about private classes on Therapeutic Tarot and Practical Magic.

Ask about private sessions on personal energy cleansings and space cleansings.

Laura can officiate any Sabbat / Esbat or seasonal holiday circles. 

Ask about any other life passage ceremonies, such as Wiccanings or baby blessings, Handfastings or Pagan Weddings, Coming of Age, etc.