With her unique approach to Tarot readings, Laura will help you see what you need to know. Her individual consultations are refreshing, realistic, compassionate and positive, yet entertaining and unconventional in their format. Her readings are designed to provide advice and guidance from a spiritual perspective. She will walk you through the process to understand the purpose of issues (large and small) in your life. She has helped those who seek her advice to move forward through life’s sometimes difficult challenges and to comprehend at a deeper level their life’s journey.


 Ask about private classes  on  Therapeutic Tarot and Practical Magic.


Ask about private sessions on personal energy cleansings and space cleansings 
Laura can officiate any Sabbat / Esbat or seasonal holiday circles. (suggested donation for Laura's time, this is devotional work and is not for profit) 

Ask about any other life passage events (Wiccanings or baby blessings, Handfastings or Pagan Weddings, coming of age, etc.......)



Empowerment; Knowledge is power; empower yourself with the answers you’ll find when consulting Tarot.

Reconnect with your inner strength and work on vanquishing your weaknesses. 
Peace of mind; Enrich your life with the valuable information that is there for you, by creating a clear channel with your higher self, bring clarity into situations big and small on all aspects of your life.

Guidance; The Tarot cards never lie!  And their advice will help you make informed decisions. Discover what waits for you in your path, were your journey is heading and what tendencies you may encounter.

Stress Relieve; Life is here for you to enjoy every minute of it, begin your journey to self-knowledge; only you can create and guide your own stress-free destiny! 
Creativity! A tarot consultation shows you the previews of a movie, your movie! you are the main character, writer, producer and director. You’ll edit your own peace of ART! 


The 3 card pull: a very direct ‘tendency, what to do, what not to do’ spread, brings clarity in between two or more options.  The 3 card pull is also very useful for a “not so pressing matter” a quick curiosity fix. 
One situation, two advices on three cards…….. what?!!!!!

The interactive “situation and desire” Spread (7 to 10 cards YOU choose), in which we will use 1or 2 cards that represent your present situation, 2 to 3 to illustrate your desire and 3 to 5 ‘easy steps’ to get there. A real EYE OPENER on the steps you’ll benefit on taking to reach your heart’s desire!

The 16 card LOVE Spread (And Laura’s favorite) utilizing the MotherPeace Tarot’s mayor arcana first, to fill the details later with ‘the gossipers’ (the lesser arcana cards) This spread will tell you exactly where you are and where is the potential pool of partners (or intended partner) standing on the love game…………. Oh! The love!!! This is the spread that’ll guide you to the better outcome. Come ready to dive into your heart and come up filled with self-love and power. Married? Dating? Single? Divorced? Doesn’t matter, love is always in need of WORK! 

(The 16 card spread can also be used for other questions, with any other decks. We’ll go with what ‘feels right’)

The pyramid, (Laura’s own spread creation). The foundation reveals all about past and present’s unresolved issues; first floor is the MAIN floor, what will benefit from your undivided attention, what’s to be release or worked on? Top of the pyramid: advice, course of action, and possible outcome. Harness the energy of the pyramid!

The birthday special:  Another interactive reading, 12 months, 12 cards, 12 advices. Keep it, change it, you’re the director, main character and editor of the movie of your life!

The Celtic cross: Let us learn about you, your past, your future, your foundation, your perception, your surroundings, what’s within the wheel of your life, what’s on the road ahead……….  You like the outcome? Keep it or change it, that’s why this information is here for you!

Oracle play!!

If a full reading is not enough or just for fun!

Pull and oracle card, let’s see what’s your direct message for today. (Choose from any of Laura’s oracle collection) 

And many other fun filled, informative spreads!



In case this information is needed, estimated times on each spread

3 card pull: 
1 set, 5 minutes
2 sets, 10 minutes
4 sets, 20 minutes
The interactive “situation and desire” Spread:
Between 15 to 20 minutes
The 16 card LOVE Spread:
30 to 45 minutes
The pyramid: 
10 to 15 minutes
The birthday special:  
20 to 30 minutes
The Celtic cross:
20 minutes
1 card 5 minutes
2 cards 10 minutes 
And so on…